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by Stanley Chuks Kalanwa

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In today’s world there are challenges to be faced up with everyday, they either make you or break you, and you either overcome or are overcome. True, there are problems, but there are victories too, and there can be as many victories as are problems in the world. It is good for you to know how to overcome challenges.
God has provided the keys to victorious living as it is in this book. This book is about how to handle your crisis. It is aimed at encouraging every Christian that under any intensity of disaster and calamity, his faithfulness in God must be preserved. It reveals how God uses divine solution to overcome adversities for His children, thereby glorifying Him. God uses prepared people; those who believed in Him, and give them top priority in life as they face adversities.
The expository in the book shows that in time of crisis, Christians are faced with a new challenge, which if followed courageously will turn discouragement to success, hope to fulfillment, and to believe that the sufferings of today cannot be compared with the Glory that will be revealed.
The one who reads this book will see the hard time, full of uncertainties and unpleasantness, as the testimonies of tomorrow, because every miracle is preceded by circumstance.



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Stanley Chuks Kalanwa


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